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Parts Wanted

  • Amrad Audio Transformers
  • Clapp-Eastham ¼ or ½ kilowatt spark gap, oscillation transformer
  • Clapp-Eastham phone condenser and buzzer from about 1915
  • Deforest everyman phone binding posts (2) & 3 black regular binding post "knobs"
  • CN-112 Internal parts, 1 fixed capacitor and a coil
  • Crosley Pup bottom of case—repro is OK
  • Crosley 51 and 52 cases in good condition
  • Crosley two tube chassis for case about the size of a 51 but with tube holes in the lid
  • Dynakit large knob, like on PASs-3 or FM3
  • Emerson multivalve set—need case and some parts
  • Fada Bullet red knobs (2)--not reproductions
  • Federal 135 cabinet
  • Grebe CR Audios (3) open framed for sets like CR-9, CR-12 (bad ones OK)
  • Peter Pan cabinet, Jackson Bell
  • (2) Kennedy tube sockets
  • RCA Radiola I crystal set parts
  • The Radio Shop slant front cabinet—any slant front cabinet is ok or a junker
  • Radio Shop 3 tube slant front parts
  • Rudolph large tuning knob
  • SE1012 brass label
  • Tuska 224 one tube parts
  • MK II Transmitter (English set, 1918) lid and one B valve
  • Meters for TV7A tube tester
  • IP 500 internal coils and parts
  • Marconi variable condenser (pre-1917)
  • Paragon 2-5-u transmitter meter
  • ½ inch thick bakelite or hard rubber
  • points for spark gaps or small spark gaps.
  • Oscillation transformer from the mid teens—for ¼-3/4 kilowatt spark transmitter

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