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American Marconi 112 Wireless Radio Receiver

American Marconi 112 Wireless Radio Receiver made in about 1915

DM425 Radio Telegraph Key, American Marconi

DM425 Key, American Marconi. Made in 1917.

Fleming Valve, American Marconi company

Fleming valves made by the American Marconi company

Magnetic Radio Detector, American Marconi Wireless

American Marconi Radio Magnetic Detector, 1912

Marconi 122 One Tube Radio from 1919

Marconi 122 One Tube Radio from 1919

Marconi D Radio Valve Tube

Marconi D Valve from 1914 or 1915

Marconi Wireless 103 Radio Receiver, American Marconi

The Marconi 103 Radio, American Marconi.

Marconi Wireless 106 Radio Receiver

Marconi 106B Radio Receiver

Marconi Wireless 16 Crystal Radio Receiver

This Marconi 16 Crystal Radio Receiver sunk with a ship in 1918 and spent about 80 years in the ocean.

Marconi Wireless 4 VA Four Step Valve Radio Amplifier

Marconi 4 VA Four Step Valve Amplifier

Marconi Wireless Crystal Detector c.1910

Marconi Wireless Crystal Detector c.1910

Marconi Wireless Galvanometer

Marconi galvanometer

Marconi Wireless Radio Coherer Detector

The coherer was the first detector that Marconi used.

Marconi Wireless Radio Magnetic Detector

The first Marconi radio magnetic detector.

Marconi Wireless Radio Transmitter Spark Coil

This spark coil has labels for both W & J George & Marconi Wireless.

Marconi Wireless Radio Wavemeter

In 1906 Marconi introduced the Marconi Wavemeter Number One.

Multiple Tuner, Marconi Wireless

Marconi Wireless Multiple Tuner for Radio Detection, 1907

WWI Marconi Trenches Radio Receiver

Marconi WWI Trenches Radio Receiver

WWI Marconi Wireless Generator for Radio Transmitter

Marconi Wireless WWI Generator for Mule Pack Set Transmitter

WWI Trenches Marconi Radio Transmitter

World War I Trenches Spark Transmitter Found In Italy

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